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Join Us for Dinner And Prizes…

And A Free $25 Gas Card!

Tuesday Night, October 7 

We know you enjoy listening to TODAY’S 101.9, but if you were in charge of the station, what would you do? Are there certain songs you’d play? Are there some artists you wouldn’t play?

Here is your chance to tell us what you think!     Periodically, we invite listeners to join us  to talk about the radio station and to tell us what they think about the music we play!    We want to know what you like the most, and also what you may not like at all (but we hope there’s not too much of that!)  Your opinions help influence what we do!   As a matter of fact, much of the music we play is the result of listeners such as yourself telling us what songs they’d like to hear.

Our next Listener Council is this Tuesday night, October 7, here at our studio.  Would you like to join us?    We’ll have dinner at 6pm, start our event at 6:30pm….and we’ll be done before 8:30. You could win prizes….we’ll take everyone on a tour of our radio studios….and everyone who participates gets a $25 gas card, just for coming!

Register by submitting this form.  If we select your name , you’ll have a chance to win gift certificates, concert tickets, or other 101.9 FM prizes!    Submit your info in the form below; if we pick your name, we’ll reach back out to you TODAY, so be sure to give us a phone number where we can reach you during the day!       And, if your name isn’t picked this time– no worries, well do this again soon!  Thanks!



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