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Do Co-workers Bug You

Everything good at work? Are some things bugging you? I bet these three things bug you about your co-workers.


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Do Co-workers Affect Your Mood?

I wonder if I would love my job as much if I had a disagreeable co-worker.


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You Spend How Much on Work? Time For Raise

How much do you spend on work?


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Your Boss Doesn’t Believe You

You’re not fooling your boss.


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Top Work Stressers

What bugs us at work?


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10 Unhappiest Jobs in America and Yahoo finance list the unhappiest jobs in America.  The list is based on salary, work-life ratio, growth opportunities, work environment and a few other factors. 10. Maintenance Manager 9. Marketing Director 8. […]


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Most Of Your Friends Are At Work

Most of the friends you have and make are right at work.  “Express & Star” says a new study was done saying 33% of us make most of our friends at work. 23% said high […]


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Three Annoying Things Men Do

Do you agree with these?  Cosmo lists the three things men do that are annoying. Oh boy.  I don’t even want to type these.  By the way, I don’t do any of these.  do you […]


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Dangers Of Eating And Driving

We have all done it…I think.  Eating while driving.  Whether it’s a quick stop through the Drive-thru or you’re running late for work and you need an last minute breakfast, the car is the place […]


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Stress You Didn’t Know You Had

There is stress everywhere, right?  Some stresses include work, schedules, kids, and of course, money.  But there are some sources of stress that you may not realize that they are creating stress for you.  There’s […]



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