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Things To Never Say To A Woman

Here’s what you should never say to a woman….ever.


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This Is When You Man Finally Matures

Is your man mature?


Katy And Russell Clown on the Red Carpet

What Your Man Likes/Dislikes About You

Here are the top three things your man likes about you. 1. Women put up with their bad moods. 2. They are affectionate 3. They are interested in their man’s day. Here are the things […]



Women Feel Old At This Age

Taylor Swift is young.  So, there’s probably little chance she’s thinking about getting older.  But women, and men, do start getting thoughts of ‘man I feel old.’  But these thoughts or comments are mostly just […]


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Working Out Cuts Your Appetite & Flirting Helps Women Negotiate, Study Finds

What’s a better way to get your flirt on then by feeling good about your body with a new fitness routine?


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Women Spend 130,000 On Clothes

Women are throwing down the money when it comes to buying clothes.  Women spend about $130,000 on clothes during their lifetime.  Whoa.  The average woman will have 271 pairs of shoes at about $22,000. They […]


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Women Feel Their Best When…

Throw all of the secrets and fad diets out the window.  There is one way to make women feel their best.


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The Key To A Successful Relationship

People always wonder if their relationship is a good one or not.  People think ‘oh they are responding well to me’ or ‘this seems to be going well.  Well, here’s how you can tell if […]


RAFW S/S 2009/10 - Romance Was Born Backstage

The Average Woman Says 13 Negative Things About Her Body Everyday

You are your harshest critic. 


How To Talk With Your Man

So how can you make sure your man is listening.  Here are some sood tips to get his attention.