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Today’s Daily Dilemma Angers 101.9 Listeners

Listeners were really upset when we read a letter about a guy who can’t see the real beauty of his girlfriend. We are curious what you think.


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Mary Anne Perry: Getting Addicted To Working Out?!

I started working out at The MAC about a week ago and I have to say that I think I am already addicted to it.



New Year; New Me! New You?

How can I feel better already when I just started a new food plan this morning?


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Fast Food Equals A Lot Of Working Out

Hard core eating means hard core working out.


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Your Job Your Weight

Are you gaining weight because of your job?


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Top 10 Easy Summer Diet & Exercise Tips

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You spent all winter and spring working on your summer beach body, but once the weather starts to heat up, you stop your “get-hot-for-summer” attitude and replace it […]


Live On Letterman: Jennifer Hudson’s Top 10 Weight Loss Quotes

Many women in America have struggled with their weight, but rarely does their weight become the topic of national conversation. 29-year-old Jennifer Hudson’s weight has fluctuated under the critical eye of the camera from baby […]


Ten Of The Craziest Fad Diets (That You Should Probably Never Try)

Everywhere around you people are probably talking about “getting in shape for the summer,” their “diet plans,” and how they’d finally like to “look good in a bikini.” While striving for health is fashionable all […]


Jennifer Hudson Is a ‘Walking Billboard’ After 80lb Weight Loss

I don’t care what size she is, Jennifer Hudson is fantastic. On an appearance on the Tonight Show last week, Jennifer finally revealed the number behind her weight loss. Girl lost 80 pounds!


Johnny Depp 140lbs?

Whoa!  He’s already in great shape.  Why in the world would he want to be 140 lbs?  Also, how can your diet help you from depression?