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Need A Smile? Check Out This Giggling Baby From Baltimore

This adorable laughing baby is getting tons of views on YouTube.


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Watch This Actor’s Amazing Robin Williams Impressions

Vine star, actor, and impressionist Jamie Costa uploaded the a video to YouTube as a tribute to the late comedian Robin Williams.


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A Baltimore Toddler’s Reaction To Lion King Death Scene

Anyone who has watched The Lion King knows that one of the saddest scenes in all of Disney history happens in the movie.



Burger King Is Paying For The Burger-King Wedding

This summer, Joel Burger will be marrying Ashley King. That’s right. It will be the Burger-King wedding.


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Top 5 Viral Videos Of People Singing In The Car

We’re not sure why there’s an epidemic of people singing in their cars, but it sure is entertaining!


President Obama And First Lady Attend Inaugural Balls

BaracksDubs Has The President Thinking He’s ‘Fancy’

President Barack Obama is getting ‘fancy’ in this viral video.


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[Viral Video] A Dad’s Response To Magic!’s “Rude”

Check out this viral video; a spoof music response to Magic!’s ‘Rude’ from a Dad’s point of view.


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3 Men in Heels Make Beyoncé Proud in New Viral Dance Video

Any woman who has strapped on her stilettos and tried to copy Beyoncé’s moves knows it’s no easy feat. That’s what makes this new video of three men in some very high, very spiky heels even more impressive.


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Celine Dion Responds To Man’s Viral Video For ‘All By Myself’ Shot In a Las Vegas Airport

The singer even has a few words of advice on how the man could have spent his alone time.


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Seen It Yet? Guy Runs A Loop

Stunt guy runs a loop. I’ve never seen this before. Have you?