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Titanic II Would You Go On It

An Australian billionaire is putting up money to recreate the Titanic. He’s calling it the Titanic II.  It will be a replica of the 1912 Titanic but will feature all of today’s technology and safety […]


Titanic Exhibit Opens In New York City

Titanic Exhibit Opens In New York City

Titanic 3D opened in theaters across the country last week and saw only moderate success, pulling in just under $28 million. Considering it cost $18 million for the 3D conversion, the re-release doesn’t appear it […]


Hollywood Hits: Dancing With The Stars, Tom Brady’s Hair, And Gloria Stewart Passes

Here are the Hollywood Hits for the last 24 hours including the wrap up for Dancing with the Stars.  Also, find out why Tom Brady keeps the “Bieber” hair. Click ‘more’ for the details.


Big 12@12 7/21/10

This vocal powerhouse had a top 10 hit with “The Power of Love” in the year…


Best Movie Song Ever?

Steven Tyler and Aerosmith are on the “Best Movie Songs Ever’ list, but they are not #1.  Find out who is.  Click ‘more.’