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The Nite Lite

How’s Your Bawlamerese?

Okay Class~  Our weekly Bawlamerese lessons continue…


Nite Lite Photo of the Day~

My friend, Baltimore artist Charlene Clark took this photo of a terra-cotta cat…


How’s Your Bawlamerese?

Okay Class~ School’s still in session and here’s this week’s lesson…


Let’s go to the Drive-In~

Hello Movie Buffs~  I love drive-in movie theatres! My very first summer job was working the concession stand at the old Timonium Drive-In during its last season. The drive-in was really falling apart, but I had […]


Ali’s Engagement Story~

Hello Lovers~  It’s always great when listeners share their stories on the Nite Lite. This one is particularly sweet…


A Brave Maryland Soldier’s Dedication~

So many listeners were touched by Sargent Major Jeff  McClary’s call to the Nite Lite…


The Nite Lite Lounge Cocktail Recipe~

In honor of  this Saturday’s Kentucky Derby, the Nite Lite Lounge is serving…


Last Call~

The Captain…er…ummm…the Easter Bunny checked in Friday night for Last Call…


Last Call~

If you’re a regular in The Nite Lite Lounge on Friday nights~ you know that for the past 16 years, The Captain is always “Last Call”…