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App To Keep You Off Phone

Here’s a great way to keep off your phone and actually talk with people.


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When To Get A Child An I-Phone

When is the right time for a kid to get a smart phone?


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Frampton Comes Alive: Singer Tweets About Texting Driver Who Hit Him

The 62-year-old rocker documented a car accident he was involved in yesterday (July 31) afternoon via his Twitter account.


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Guys Share Thier Biggest Turn Offs

So there they are…the Royal Couple.  How do you get to that point?  Obviously, you have to build a great relationship.  To do that early on, you have to eliminate your undesirables, right?  How do […]


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Woman Falls While Texting On TV

Dangers of texting are not only on the road. This poor woman is walking and texting.  Oops…she didn’t see the stairs. Good news for her…sort of…it’s all live on TV.


Save Money–Cut Bad habits.

Cut these things from your life and save a ton throughout the year!