Susan Sarandon

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A Strange Place For An Oscar

So where do the A-listers keep their Oscars after they win them? In some pretty strange places…


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Ocean City Movie Released Soon

“Ping Pong Summer”, life in OC, in the 80’s will premiere soon. You can see it before it hits the movie screens…

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Crazy Places Oscar Winners Put Their Trophies

With the Academy Awards on Sunday, I thought it would be to explore this. Elizabeth Taylor, Emma Thompson and Susan Sarandon keep their Oscar, where? They kept them in the bathroom! Jack Nicholson used his […]

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The Movie Being Filmed In Ocean City Is Looking For Your Memorabilia

The production staff for the movie being shot in Ocean City, “Ping Pong Summer,” is looking for your memorabilia.  The items needed are from the years 1975-1985.  Requested items for “Ping Pong Summer” are: Ping […]

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