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What’s Your Favorite Social Media Hang Out?

In a nationwide study they found Pinterest to be the favorite!


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The Top 10 Tattoos People Have Removed

There is a study looked at the tattoos people are most likely to get removed.


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10 Things We’re Least Likely To Clean

Which part of the house do you usually skip over? Here the top 10 things we’re least likely to clean:


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Are You Normal?: Do You Sometimes Drink a Full Bottle of Wine by Yourself?

A new survey asked people if they ever polish off a full bottle of wine by themselves. Here’s what they said:


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America’s Dream Pizza Toppings

A nationwide survey found that Americans really love their pies, with die-hard pizza lovers eating around 15 slices a month.


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Body Part That Ages The Best

A survey says your smile is the is what stays attractive the longest as you age.  Here’s how our body parts rank as far as aging is concerned. 1. Smile 2. Eyes 3. Body shape […]



Facebook or Foolin’ Around: What Do Women ‘Like’ More?

Earlier this month, a survey depressed people everywhere with their findings: women like playing online games more than having sex. This week, another organization released another survey: American women said that they much prefer showering, […]


Baltimore’s Ugly…Sorry

Who knew?  Our beautiful town is always  featured in national TV shows that highlight our crime problem.  That’s issue #1.  What’s issue #2?  Now, we’re ugly. Click ‘more’ to find out how low your self-esteem should […]