The Top Excuses Men Use When They're CheatingA new survey found the most common excuses men use when they cheat.
Find Out What Night You Get The Best SleepIt's the not the night you think it is...
What Age Should You Stop Celebrating Birthdays?And what does your birth month say about celebrating
Have You Ever Had Your Lunch Stolen At Work?People at work are stealing your food.
Do Dogs Hate It When You Hug Them?Our listeners disagreed with the findings.
Taking Food Pictures Makes Your Food Taste BetterWhy you should take a pic before you take a bite
Gina Crash: Today Is National Dump DayIt's the Tuesday before Valentine's Day and you're more likely to get dumped today than any other day of the year.
Jimi: What Are The Top Five Regrets?A new survey found 76% of people have regrets about how their lives have turned out.
What's Your Favorite Social Media Hang Out?In a nationwide study they found Pinterest to be the favorite!
The Top 10 Tattoos People Have RemovedThere is a study looked at the tattoos people are most likely to get removed.
10 Things We’re Least Likely To CleanWhich part of the house do you usually skip over? Here the top 10 things we're least likely to clean:
Are You Normal?: Do You Sometimes Drink a Full Bottle of Wine by Yourself?A new survey asked people if they ever polish off a full bottle of wine by themselves. Here's what they said:

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