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Here’s How To Fall Asleep In One Minute

Never have trouble sleeping again. These steps will help you fall asleep fast!


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Easy Steps To Stay Healthy

Here’s how you can stop getting sick. There are a few tips here I had no idea about. Interesting!


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Better With A Pet

You’d rather do this with your pet than your partner?



Video: Slowly Slumbering

To end the week, let’s watch an adorable kitten drift off to sleep.


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Harry Belafonte Sleeps During Interview

We all get tired at work, but this is something else.  Harry Belafonte catches some Z’s before an interview with a TV station.  It’s pretty funny.  Enjoy the video.



How to get the Kids Back in Bed for the School Year

We have some important tips to help parents transition their families from a summer sleep (or lack thereof) schedule to a school sleep schedule. Your kids are thwarted at every turn by electronics, social media, less-than-ideal […]