Simon Cowell

Idol makeover.

Get your producer back.  Clean house.  Click ‘more’ to find out what season 10 will look like on American Idol.


Simon Cowell is being sued by a contestant!

What Simon says, might not go over well!  He’s being sued for $3.8 million….


Idol Changes it’s age minimum.

Trying to spark new interest in the show, American Idol changes it’s age minimum.  Click ‘more’ to find out all about it.


Check out the ” No Messing Around With The Judges” Clause in the Idol Contract.

Just looking at TMZ and they say they have obtained a copy of the contract contestants must sign in order to do the show.         


Unbelievable star’s salaries! What Simon makes a minute…and more!

Diane’s Dirt dug up on the salaries for the pro dancers with Dancing with the Stars and Simon’s the minute!  Click MORE to find out:


Siobhan rules last night on American Idol.

It was Rolling Stones night last night on American Idol.  A couple of contestants did well…