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Robin Williams Had Parkinsons

 Robin Williams’ struggle was even more difficult than we knew. His wife  just released a statement.  “Robin’s sobriety was intact and he was brave as he struggled with his own battles of depression, anxiety as […]



Taylor Swift Is Doing A Great Thing For A Great Cause

  No date yet, but we do know Angelina Jolie is inviting both of her ex-husbands to her upcoming wedding to Brad Pitt. Get ready for a big night of charity tv.  “Stand Up To […]


19th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party - Show

Elton John Shoots A Moon

Three Things At Three. Elton John mooned actor Michael Caine on his yacht. There are pics online. DONT LOOK! Its ugly. The jackpot keeps growing for the Powerball Lottery, now past the $300 million mark […]



Judges Are Dropping Like Flies On Idol

Three Things At Three:   Yesterday it was Steven Tyler and today it’s Jennifer Lopez. Both have decided not to return to the next season of American Idol. That leaves Randy as last man standing, […]



How Far Along Is Adele In Her Pregnancy

Three Things At Three.  It looks like we are a little late to the party. Wordd that Adele is already 7 months along in her pregnancy.. Movies this weekend: The 4th Ice Age movie, Continental […]


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Charlie Sheen On Idol?

Three Things At Three.    NBC say’s that Michael Buble will help Blake Shelton out as an advisor on The Voice which is back on Sept 10th.   American Idol is considering Charlie Sheen as a […]



Kelly Clarkson To Sing At Superbowl

Three Things At Three


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Is Charlie Sheen Getting A New Show

I am not sure who would want to work with this guy but it looks like he may be back. They are going kill off his character on 2.5 men but a new show is […]


Madonna Un-Retouched.

Madonna without a Photo Shop touch up.