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19 Dog-Friendly Stores Where You Can Shop With Your Pup

Check out 19 dog-friendly stores where you can shop with your pup.


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Retail Therapy Is Real

Mary Anne recently found retail therapy to be a big help!


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Shoe Shopping Madness

Check out some shocking statistics about women and their shoe shopping.



Best Stores For Swimsuits In Baltimore

Are you ready to shop for a new suit? Take a look at these five stores and you will be outfitted all spring and summer long.


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Getting Ready For Black Friday Already?!

There’s a woman in Beaumont, California who is already in line for Black Friday deals.


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5 Days Left. Ready?

So many people have said to me ‘I’m not ready, yet.’ Are you ready?  Christmas is 5 days away.  I’m not sure why so many people feel so behind, this year.  Is work too crazy?  […]


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6 Ways You Get Hurt At The Holidays

This is a bit of a strange list because most of these can happen all winter not just at Christmas. 1. Slipping on ice. 2. Shoveling snow 3. Winter sports 4. Shopping 5. Car accidents […]


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Women Spend 130,000 On Clothes

Women are throwing down the money when it comes to buying clothes.  Women spend about $130,000 on clothes during their lifetime.  Whoa.  The average woman will have 271 pairs of shoes at about $22,000. They […]


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How People Judge You

Everyday we are judged…whether we like it or not.  So, how are people judging you?  Well, by pretty much everything.  Your hair, clothes, job, speech, kids, energy, and a ton of other character traits.  But, […]

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Three Things That Keep You From Losing Weight

Sure we work out, eat well, and watch our bad habits.  But, there are three things we do everyday that will ensure we never really will lose weight.  Find out what they are so you […]