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Kids and Homework

What is the correct thing to do?  I grew up doing my homework in my room…alone.  Fast forward to 2012.  My kids ask to have their friends over.  They ask for snacks and watch TV.  […]


Don’t Spray The Squirrel Bro!

A Student at Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite Texas captured this video of a police officer pepper spraying a baby squirrel that was behaving erratically. You know, those pesky things sometimes carry rabies. An animal […]


Is This Too Extreme For Elementary School?

So, your young kids are in school.  This other kid has a racy backpack.  Or, is it racy?  Click ‘more’ and hear all about it.  Plus, find out how to see the controversial picture.


Every day is a school day!

Listeners chime in on Diane’s ‘light bulb’ moment.  Click ‘more’ to see if you know what Diane didn’t.



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