Royal Wedding Trends: A Right Royal Radio

The bunting’s out at HQ in London, England, as Britain gears up for the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton on Friday morning. It’s estimated that two billion people will watch the ceremony […]


Royal Wedding: 10 Nuptial Perfect Songs That Name Drop Will & Kate

Are you as excited for the Royal Wedding on Friday as we are? While it’s been hyped up as the “event of the decade,” we are more excited to hear and see the little details. […]


Prince William Will Not Be Able To ‘Kiss His Bride’ Kate!

Even being the future king of England and the co-star of one of the most viewed weddings in history will not spare Prince William the frustration of being denied one typical marriage custom. He isn’t […]


Royal Wedding Couple On A Pizza

Wait til you see how cool the Pappa Johns pizza looks!  Kate’s brunette hair is made of black olives, with ham chunks used for the faces of the happy couple.  Mushrooms make up the bridal veil.  […]


Pubs In Maryland Toast The Royal Wedding Friday

Find out where you can celebrate, ‘royally’ in Maryland!


Kate Middleton’s “Interesting” Headwear

Kate Middleton’s “Interesting” Headwearview gallery The royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is less than a month away! If history is a way judging how things may happen in the future, Kate will be […]


Snubbed At A Wedding?

Fergie is not on the list of invited guests at the Royal Wedding.  Have you ever expected to be on the “in” list, but weren’t?


Royal Knock-Offs And Where You Can Get Them

Is this the real ring or a knock-off?


More On The Royal Couple!

Does this Royal ring look familiar?