Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage Bailed Out By Dog The Bounty Hunter

Whaaaaa?  Yeah, you read it right.  Duane, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Chapman posted the $11,000 bond to get Nicolas Cage out of the clink in New Orleans after Nic was arrested for domestic abuse and […]


First Time On A Yacht!

Lady Sandals is sailing around the country.  You can win a trip to the caribbean!  I took a cat nap on the bed Martha Stewart slept in.  Click to more to see her bedroom and more […]


The Big 12 spotlights The Big 80’s. Guess what year?

Diane Lyn will play…this….year at noon on the Big 12.  Can you guess what year from the picture below: Cher and Nicolas Cage star in Moonstruck.  The year is…..