New Year

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2013 Are You Ready

Well, by now most people are back at it.  Wake up, work, kids, sleep. Wake up, work, kids, sleep.  It gets busy…fast.  That might be kinda ‘glass half empty’ sounding.  Which is why, for 2013, […]


(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

How Long Will Your New Year’s Resolution Last

Vowed to lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more?  How long will your resolution last?  Click more to get the answer..


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Gas Is Going Up

See those prices in the picture?  That ain’t nothing.  Gas prices are going up.  How far are the experts predicting.  Find out here.


This Is When Christmas Music Ends

We get so many calls and e-mails asking when the Christmas music will end.  A lot of people think we cut it off at midnight on the 25th.  For years, we’ve kept the Christmas music […]



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