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National Geographic


Cursed Warship Revealed With Treasure Onboard

Researchers and divers have found the wreckage of the Mars, the pride of Sweden’s 16th-century navy. See what was onboard and what else we can learn from this ship.


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Friday 13th: Facts And Fear

So many references to Friday 13th in history. Here are few and some facts on the fear surrounding this day….

Today’s 101.9–06/13/2014

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Mother’s Day

This marks the 100th anniversary of the Mother’s Day. What else?

Today’s 101.9–05/09/2014

Lynea Lattanzio

The Lady With 700 Cats

Lynea Lattanzio is not a hoarder or a crazy cat lady. She calls the “no kill cat sanctuary” that she operates on 12 acres on the King’s River in California “The Cat House On The Kings.”  I call […]



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