Men at Work


Men At Work’s Greg Ham Found Dead In His House

Greg Ham, the man who played the iconic flute riff on Men At Work’s “Down Under,” and the saxophone on “Who Can It Be Now?” has passed away, according to Australia’s He was 58 […]


Big 12 at noon will feature THIS year..

            Diane Lyn will play: The Cars, Men At Work, Human League, The Go Go’s, Survivor and more. The year featured?  Check out the pic below for a hint.   […]


Guess what year will be featured on the Big 12 at noon.

Diane Lyn will play Michael Jackson, Dexy Midnight Runners, Prince, Men At Work and more.  Below is a huge clue on the year featured. Sally Ride the first female astronaunt in space.  And the year […]


Big 12 plays the 80’s! See if you can guess what year from the pic below.

Diane Lyn will play: Kajagoogoo, Men at Work, Micheal Jackson, Irene Cara and others…So, what’s the year? This little doll, was every little girl’s dream to own.. The year is…….