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Manny Machado

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See Adam Jones And Manny Machado Today

Here’s how you can see Adam Jones and Manny Machado tonight and scheduled times for Game 1 of the ALDS.


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Everyone’s Talking About Machado

Were Manny Machado’s actions this weekend on the right track or should he have chilled it out a little?


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Gold Gloves For Some O’s

Which Orioles players won Gold Gloves?


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Manny To Have Surgery

How long will Manny be out?


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Poor Manny Machado

Manny wrecks his knee in Tampa.


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Vote Orange For All Star Game

Vote for the Orioles for the All-Star Game.


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Manny Machado Hazed Must See Pic

Hazing happens to the new guys in baseball.  Manny Machado gets hazed and the picture is all over Facebook.  I shared the picture from Dana Hoiles’ page on my Facebook Page.