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LOST: Alternate Endings

What a show– and whether you liked the ending or not– it probably got you thinking, which, supposedly, was the idea all along.  But did you happen to catch the alternate endings?


Lost Concludes

Hollywood Hal checks in for the wrap up of six great years of LOST.  Click ‘more.’


LOST: May 11

SPOILER ALERT:  Don’t go any further if you didn’t yet see Tuesday night’s episode!


Corey Haim toxicology report, Demi in a car wreck, Lost concludes

It’s your Hollywood Hits.  Click ‘more’ for all the details.


LOST-The End is Near

What a great episode this week…are you thinking what I’m thinking?


LOST – A Perplexing Question

OK—- I thought this week’s episode of LOST (3/10/10) was great– but Annie  here at the radio station (I call her the LOST maven!) brought up an interesting question.