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Win Cash, Play The 7:40 Mystery Guest

A new contest for cash has begun.  Make your guess here…


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Hits On Your Birthday

So, what were the #1 hit songs when you were born?  There’s a popular feature on Facebook right now that can help you with that.  But, we thought we’d do our own survey this morning […]


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Cyndi Lauper On Lite FM

The ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ New Yorker is on 101.9 Lite FM.  She talks about Capt. Lou and wanting to make a difference with her music.  She’s a sweet lady.


Surprise! You paid too much.

Have you ever gotten into a situation where you thought something was one price, but you go to pay and it’s much higher?  Or, you expect some service, but when it’s all over it wasn’t […]


Carol Burnett on Lite FM!!

Carol is at the Lyric tomorrow night (4/3.)  She talked with Greg and Diane about the show and her relationship with Lucielle Ball.  Click “more” to hear the interview.


Do you pick up something that’s dropped and eat it…do you live by the 5 second rule?

A poll by Clorox, finds 65%  have faith in the 5 second rule.  Listen to the Lite FM Morning, then blog your thoughts…