She Saves What?

Special collections are amazing.  Whether it’s a picture your kids made made for you or a nice letter you’ve received, you hold these collections close to your heart.  And it doesn’t matter what it is…really.  […]


Hooters Marketing To Children?

Some are up in arms over Hooters’ new marketing campaigns saying they are marketing to kids.  Lite FM listeners chime in on this one and you may be surprised at  what they think.


Kids Say The Best Things To Santa

Bill Cosby always knew kids say the darndest things.  It’s true.  Click ‘more’ to hear some true things kids have said or written to Santa.  They are so sweet.


Should You Be Friends With Your Kids?

Parents often struggle with wanting to be friends with their kids, while trying to maintain some sort of authority in the relationship. What’s the best way to go about keeping control, and having a good […]


Summertime: Vacation at Home with the Kids – Idea 4

Sports.  Summer is made for sports lovers. Take your kids to a local game, or get a baseball or soccer game going in the park.


Summertime: Vacation at Home with the Kids, Idea 3

Play in the Water Being out on the water is a great way to celebrate the summer, especially on those days when the temperature soars. 


Summertime: Vacation at Home with the Kids – Idea 2

Visit a Farm Depending on where you live, your kids could be sampling farm fresh baked goods, petting goats and chicks, or helping to choose what you’re having for dinner that night. 


Summertime: Vacation at Home, Idea 1

Meet Heroes Up Close This is a great time to introduce your kids to some local heroes, and firefighters rank high on the list.


Eye on Green: Teach Kids to Go Green

Going green is a way of living, and that means it must include your kids, too. Regardless of their age, your children can start learning what it means to live a healthier, more natural and […]


Too Far? Kid’s cartoon and wine…yup.

Parents, what do you think of a wine with a world famous cartoon character?  Click “more” to see what it is and to let us know if they have gone too far in marketing to […]