Kate Gosselin

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Sugarland Stage Update

Our Hollywood Hits has an update on the Sugarland/Sara Bareilles stage collapse.  Also, Kate Gosselin got a message from TLC and the majority of fans like it.  And, Taylor Swift had a clothing malfunction. Check […]


Paula Has How Many Jobs?

The Lite FM Hollywood Hits finds out that Paula’s been busy, Kate’s, been overpaid, and Glee goes Gaga.  Click ‘more.’


DWTS Results. Plus, guess who’s coming back to the show!!

Not a Good night for Pamela on Dancing With The Stars.  But wait until you hear who’s coming back to the show.  Click ‘more’ to find out!!


After DWTS, Kate Gosselin’s first day back in PA, not with kids!

So, Kate minus 8, after Dancing With the Stars she goes tanning all day!


Kate Gosselin on ‘The Bachlorette’?

So would the newly single mom of 8 consider looking for love on ‘The Bacholorette’?


Kate gets dissed on Dancing…

The judges had a throw down with  Kate last night on Dancing with the Stars.  Click more to hear.


Are these controversial moms?

Babble.com came up with a list of controversial moms.  Do you agree with the list?  Click “more” to see the complete list.