Comic-Con After Hours: Stars Roll Out For The 5th Annual Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con

Our team on the ground of Comic-Con is hitting it hard.  They just recovered from their wild night at the hottest party at The Con. Check out their exploits.  If your interest lays in entertainment, […]


Hi, I’m Charlie Sheen

We might rename the Hollywood Hits “Charlie’s World.”  Whoa, he is the epicenter of the world.  At least, he thinks so.  We’ve got the wrap up of the last 24 hours in Charlie’s World.  Oh, […]


Hollywood Hits: Betty White Gets SAG + Rehab Update

Betty White and others had a great night at last night’s SAG Awards.  Find out what happened and get all of your Hollywood Hits.


The latest fad in Hollywood: Foot Reduction

This morning, we talked about a new Hollywood fad…foot reduction. Yup, ladies are doing anything to fit in those fancy shoes. What do you think?


How much is Miley’s house? She’s only 17.

She’s made some money in her 17 years and her new house proves it.  Click more to hear about her house, what’s up with Baltimore’s David Hasslehoff, and more of the Hollywood Hits.


Paula Back on Idol??

Rumors are flying.   Find out what’s going on with Paula and Idol, Ryan Seacrest’s dating situation, and is “Ugly Betty” coming back?  Click more for your Hollywood Hits.


Sandra Bullock Drama

                Multiple sources tell TMZ reps for both Sandra Bullock and Jesse James have been interviewing divorce lawyers.                


10 Movies that were better than the book.

         Here’s what Premiere.com thought               


Avatar is coming to DVD.

Greg and Diane do Hollywood Hits everyday at 7:10 am.  Avatar is coming to DVD this April.


101.9 Lite FM’s Hollywood Hits at 7:10am.

We’ll it looks official, at least according to the world wide web.  Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato are….