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Big Bird Reportedly Popular Halloween Costume This Year

Numerous people say they’re planning to be the fine feathered friend who has found himself at the center of a political debate.



Adorable Halloween Costumes You Can Make For Baby

We scoured Pinterest for a few new costume ideas for your little one. What do you think?


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One Direction And The Wanted Take Shelter In Former Insane Asylum

The boy band members ain’t afraid of lunatic ghosts. But can they overshadow this sprawling estate’s dark past?


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Get Ready For Halloween With Comedian Jeff Dunham

“Overall I think it’s something new and different and fun. I don’t know any other comedian who has done a monster special,” says Dunham.


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Proof: The Year Is Flying

I was in a store yesterday and guess what they had out in the displays already.  Halloween stuff!!  There was a ton of it too from candles and decorations to ghosts and witches.  I haven’t […]


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Donate Your Extra Candy

So, the kids were dressed perfectly.  Everybody had a great time going from house to house.  Now, there’s extra candy.  What do you do with it? Here’s a good idea for you. Donate it to […]


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Best Places To Trick Or Treat In Baltimore

Today, we would love to have feedback from you.  Tell us the best places to Trick Or Treat.  Plus, you can watch Michael Jackson’s Thriller here.


10 Scariest Halloween Movies

Halloween is around the corner.  You’re prepared. You have the best costume. You have the greatest candy. But, do you have your Halloween horror movies locked down?  Don’t worry. We’re here to help. The Radio.com […]


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Your Favorite Candy Describes Personality

The candy you like best says something about your personality.  Does chocolate mean you are super sensual?  Or, does it mean you won’t let people too close?  What does non chocolate candy say about you?



Top 5 Horror Films of the 80s

Remember when horror movies had cheap budgets, but lots of thrills and chills?  Take a gander through our top 5 horror movies of the 80’s!





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