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Win Cash, Play The 7:40 Mystery Guest

A new contest for cash has begun.  Make your guess here…



Mystery Guest Solved! New Contest BeginsThursday 7:40 AM

A winner for the Mystery Guest.  Click here to see who won and who the Mystery Guest was..


Last Chance For Elton Tickets. Almost Up To 1,000 Facebook Friends

  Find out when the drawing for the tickets is here….


Ask The Program Director

  Here is your chance to find out things about your favorite radio station.  Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about 101.9 Lite FM?  Just ask.  You can ask us anything.


Hall of Fame Briefcase

This is no ordinary briefcase.  It’s radio’s best briefcase.  Diane thinks I should throw it off a bridge.  Should it stay or go?  You tell us! Click ‘more’ to see pics of greg’s ‘comfy blanket’  er….briefcase.


Ever do something dumb?

Everyone’s had “those” moments where you realize…that wasn’t the brightest.  click ‘more’ to hear what dumb things Greg and Diane did this week.  Also, listeners have checked in with funny dumb stuff. 


Get involved just for fun!

  Name a pizza! Name a doughnut too!!  Pick out an outfit for Julianne Hough! Have a blast with your own creations here:


Greg and Diane prom pics, YIKES!

At 7:20 this morning, Greg and Diane picked favorite prom movies.  Then decided to post their prom pics!!!!


What’s your favorite Peep?

Tell us you favorite peep and hear what our listeners say about peeps.  Click “more.”


On the 101.9 Lite FM Morning Show, Greg and Diane talked about how short the Census form is.

They say it will take you 10 minutes to fill out , your 10 question form. This Census form is the shortest in history.  So what else can you do in 10 minutes ?