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CeeLo Goes Even Greener, Records a Song For the NFL

The singer is getting ready for some football and encouraging kids to grow gardens.


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Jason Mraz “Won’t Give Up” Going Green

While Mraz is leaving his mark across the country, his tour itself is leaving as little impact on the environment as possible.


Eye on Green: Energy Saving Tips

Here is a list of important energy saving tips that will reduce your budget as well as saving our planet.


Eye on Green Fashion Friday: Don’t go with the Flow.

Pilot your own fashion destiny and unchain your heart from the vagaries of fashion trends.  Oh we know you have that poncho from a few years ago stuffed somewhere in your closet for those frumpy […]


Green thought of the day: What comes after oil?

What happens after the world hits peak oil and prices skyrocket? Or when coal pushes the carbon count in the atmosphere into the danger zone? Soylent Green might turn out to be more prophetic than […]


Is Baltimore on this list?

The EPA release a list of the Top 25 greenest cities.  Is Baltimore on that list?