Fran Lane’s Nite Lite

Nite Lite Photo Of The Day~~

Remember the old Haussner’s on Eastern Avenue…


Saturday Morning Blast From The Past~

Hi Kids~  Remember waking up on Saturday mornings, grabbing a bowl of cereal with “sugar” in the title, and watching cartoons? Here are some classic commercials that might bring back some of those days…


Classic Natty Boh Commercials~

From the Land of Pleasant Living we bring you a real blast from the past with classic animated National Bohemian Beer commercials…


Happy 60th Anniversary Mom And Dad~

My parents are celebrating 60 years of wedded bliss today! That’s quite an accomplishment and a testament to their love and commitment to one another. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Check out a photo from […]


Underneath The Stars~

Hello Stargazers~  Pisces, Orion the hunter, Saturn and Jupiter are all cool things to look for in the sky this week…


Underneath The Stars~

Hello Stargazers~ Saturn, a paper-thin crescent moon, and the constellation Perseus are cool things to look for in the sky this week. Here’s where and when to look…


The Nite Lite Kitchen~

Mmmm…The taste of fall! Love, love, love this butternut squash soup with a twist! Check out hubby’s awesome recipe…


Bizarre Roadside Attraction~

A lot of things are called the “world’s largest,” but this really is. Click “more” to see the World’s Largest…


Baltimore’s Best Bakeries~

Mmmm…there’s nothing like the smell and taste of fresh baked goods! Charm City has some awesome bakeries. Check out this list of some of the area’s best…


How’s Your Bawlamerese?

Okay Class…It’s time for our weekly lesson in “Baltimore Speak.” Click more to begin…