Sentences We Say Now That Would Have Made No Sense In 2000

Thing we do today would have made no sense 10 – 15 years ago. Check these lines out.


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Weird Things Your Boss Asks You To Do

Has your boss asked you to do something you are not comfortable with. You have to see some of these responses.


Jeremy Meeks. (AP Photo/Stockton Police Department)

Okay, He’s Hot; But Support Him Or Jail Time?

Are they less of a criminal because they are hot?


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App To Keep You Off Phone

Here’s a great way to keep off your phone and actually talk with people.


(Tyrone Lebon for RCA Records)

Who Should Go Miley Or Govt Shutdown

We got a lot of response to this question this morning….


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Friend Unfriends You On Facebook What Do You Do

What happens when a friend ‘unfriends’ you on Facebook? How do you handle it?


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11 Year Olds Make Fun Of Me

Kids Made fun of my Instagram


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What ‘Liking’ Lady Antebellum Means For Your IQ

When you click that little thumbs up on Facebook, you might be giving more away about yourself than just your passion for Lady Antebellum. A new study done by University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom found that […]


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Find Out Who Made You Sick

Now, you can find out who has brought the bug into your world.  Facebook has a new app that finds key words in your friends’ status updates that relate to sickness.  Then, the app reports […]


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Things You Do On Facebook That Bug People

Do you think your posts ever get on people’s nerves? They probably don’t.  But, there may be some things you write on FB that do.  In fact, here are 5 of them. –Instagram pics of […]




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