Eye on Green

Eye on Green: Now that’s a bright idea

There are just so many beneficial reasons to make the switch to CFL lights.  If you haven’t yet made the switch, click more to read why you should.


Eye on Green: 10 simple and cheap green ideas

Being green can be easy after all! Browse through this list of simple solutions designed to save energy and reduce carbon emissions for the planet, and at the same time save you money.


Eye on Green: Incredible Sculptures Created from Recycled Circuit Boards

It’s incredible just what you can do with a few old printed circuit boards and a bit of imagination. Steven Rodrig has created these hauntingly beautiful pieces from the innards of dead computers, reprocessing their […]


Eye on Green: The Fab 40 Who Paved the Way for a Green Revolution

When and where did green technology begin?  Click here to see our top 40 pioneers who paved the way for the world to adopt renewable energy and/or use our planetary resources more wisely.