Eye on Green

Eye on Green: Light Pipes

Light pipes have the advantage of providing natural light and of saving energy. The transmitted light varies over the day and can be used with artificial light to have a constant illuminating level. Such lighting […]


Eye on Green: Recycling 101

Recycling is a simple way that you, as a consumer, can help out the environment, create a profitable market for recycled goods and help preserve natural resources from being depleted. So…let’s get involved!


Eye on Green: Energy Efficient Washing Machines

In this age where economic instability is quite a common thing and energy supply is in demand, investing in energy efficient washing machines would be one of the best solutions homeowners can make.


Eye on Green: Solar Powered Attic Fans

Effective use of a gable attic fan can result in about a 30% savings in energy costs, and when you use a SOLAR powered fan for the attic, you will also be taking advantage of […]


Eye on Green: Electric Mowers

Mowing the grass is greener when you don’t use a gas-powered mower.  Lawn mowers may account for five percent of U.S. air pollution, EPA says, and despite their small engine, may pollute as much as […]


Eye on Green: How to Start a Compost

Composting is nature’s way of recycling and since most homes waste is 1/3 compostable, composting makes sense. By helping out the earth, you will also be turning “waste” into great soil.  Click more to find […]


Eye on Green: Energy Saving Tips

Here is a list of important energy saving tips that will reduce your budget as well as saving our planet.


Eye on Green: Buying Organic

There are many great benefits to going with organic clothing, organic foods, and other organic products.  Not only is it a healthy choice, but it’s great for the local economy, and the environment as well.


Eye on Green: Teach Kids to Go Green

Going green is a way of living, and that means it must include your kids, too. Regardless of their age, your children can start learning what it means to live a healthier, more natural and […]


Eye on Green: Green Cleaning

In the past, keeping your home clean typically revolved around noxious chemicals that not only scoured, they also made toxic everything they touched. Today’s eco-homes no longer kill germs at the expense of our health. […]