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The Lost Haussner’s Restaurant Strawberry Pie Recipe

Diane’s Dish, I get so many emails for this recipe. Many Baltimorean’s claim THIS is the Haussner’s Strawberry Pie recipe!!!! Enjoy…

Today’s 101.9–06/16/2014

Diane’s Dish: Frittata

Had a little Sunday brunch yesterday. I made a bacon frittata. It’s quick, easy and …..good! Give it try. Here’s my recipe:

Today’s 101.9–03/31/2014


Diane’s No Fuss Holiday Recipes

Quick, elegant baked brie. Fast and rich eggnog French toast. A port wine cheese ball made in seconds.

Today’s 101.9–12/13/2013

Hausner’s Famous Strawberry Pie

Remember Hausner’s in East Baltimore. I miss that place.  When I worked in country music radio, we would take all of the country artists to eat there.  Alan Jackson, Clint Black and so many others.  […]


Gingerbread man

Would You Drink Gingerbread For The Holidays?

Jones Soda Company has their special limited-edition holiday flavors available.  Gingerbread soda is one.  The others are..


What’s cooking? Our soup!

             My husband Jimmy and I, LOVE to cook!  Yes, we are FOODIES!  The Food Network is on all the time.  We have come up with a nice, summer-time soup.  […]