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Designer Vera Wang Looks Amazing At 62, In A Bathing Suit!

This fashion designer, should take to the runway herself.  She looks so good in a bathing suit.  And she is 62!  I wonder if it’s photoshopped.  What do you think?  Take a look…..


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Ed Reed Inspires Us To Eat, What?

Ed at your dinner table..


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Dining Out With Our Football Team

Ray Rice loves this place after a game in Baltimore…


(Me and Raven Haurki Nakamura)

Tailgating With Your Favorite Players

Find out what the players love for tailgating…


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Could Jennifer Aniston Be Pregnant?

Low profile these for this high profile star.  Rumours are swirling, is she, with baby?  Here’s the story:


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Football M & M’s

Have you seen these Raven’s M & M’s?  Now, where to get them..


Crazy necklace

My Friend’s Crazy Necklace

Can you help us with this?


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Actor Kevin Spacey In Harford County

Kevin Spacey’s new film, ‘House Of Cards’, will be in production in Harford County soon.  Find out where..


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The Football Band Will Rock The Stadium Sunday

Greg and Diane will talk with the man in charge (for 50 years) of the Marching Football Band. John Ziemann, from Baltimore’s Marching Ravens is on tomorrow morning.  Find out the time and see if […]


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Crazy Pregnancy Cravings For Jessica Simpson

She is craving, what??