Diane Lyn Show

Look what the Brady Bunch kids are up to…

A very Brady soap opera for 2 Bradys!


Kate Gosselin on ‘The Bachlorette’?

So would the newly single mom of 8 consider looking for love on ‘The Bacholorette’?


Most women would shower with..this star!

Remember the 70’s saying, ‘Save Water Shower With A Friend’?  Women say….HE’S the one to share the shower with..


Do you know who this is?

Here’s a hint:  she would twitch her nose and get whatever she wanted.  Find who she is and what she is doing….


Find out why women start wearing higher heels when times get tough.

According to ‘Heights of Fashion: A History of the Elevated Shoe’, heels get higher when there are economic recessions.  History tells us it happened during the Great Depression, during the 1970’s oil crisis, and after […]


Prom dress made out of gum wrappers.. Can you tell the difference?

(above pic) Normal prom dresses, right?  Now, check out the Iowa teen’s prom dress made out of Wrigley gum wrappers!  Can you tell the difference?


Before Oprah loved Stedman, there was another, who?

Diane digs up the dirt……click MORE to see who it is:


A new website will let you know if you should be with someone hotter!

Are you WAY to good looking?  (LOL)….click MORE for the dirt..