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MD Travel: Fall ColorTravel and Leisure Magazine names this Western Maryland town, the best place in the country to see fall colors.
Emmy Awards Wins Featuring MarylandA bunch of Emmy's went to a few in this state last night. Here is the list:
Komen MD Theme Song For The RaceListen for this song in Hunt Valley on Komen MD Race Day...
What's Blooming At Belvedere Farm In Harford County?What's Blooming At Belvedere Farm In Harford County?
What Does Your "Ice Cream Personality" Say?Your flavor can reveal your personality. Mine is chocolate, what is yours?
Take A Dip On Maryland's Ice Cream TrailJuly is National Ice Cream Month! The Maryland Ice Cream Trail consists of eight dairy farms across the state that produce and sell ice cream directly to consumer.
Pizza And Your PersonalityEach of us eats pizza a little differently.  Check out how you eat your pizza and what it says about you.
Ravens The Best According To A New StudyAccording to a new study released last week by Emory University, which ranks the box office revenue, market size, median income, won-loss records and more over the past 15 seasons. The Baltimore Ravens fans rank....
The Worst Breakfasts To EatWhat are the worst breakfasts you could eat?
My Pics From Vacation: Coastal Maine And NHIt is amazing the pics our cellphones can take! Beautiful, breath taking places captured on the coast of Maine and New Hampshire. Diane's vacy pictures, take a look at my gallery here...
Shark Week: Trendy Shark BitesShark's in the news on the beach and on TV. Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" is back this week. Some restaurants around the country are having fun with "shark bites". Local restaurants gets in on it..
Tasty New Summer Cocktails & RecipesWhile in Maine and New Hampshire on vacay, I discovered two really nice summer cocktails. Jalapeno Infused Tequilla Margarita and the Maine Smokehouse Manhattan with candied bacon. Here's what's in them..