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Towson’s Hampton Mansion Decorated For Christmas

This beautiful piece of Maryland history is decorated for the holidays. If you want to go, free admission, Dulaney Valley Road, Towson. Enjoy the photo gallery!

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The Wrong Lyrics For Christmas Songs

The wrong lyrics for very popular Christmas songs. This will make you smile! See if you sing it this way……

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Talk To Santa

Check out this cool website for kids and big kids. An on line chat with Santa

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How Many Times Has Baltimore Had A White Christmas

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? Well…..it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this year. But how many times has it happened? According to local weather records for modern times, Baltimore has had a white Christmas 12 times.

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The Christmas Wreath Story

Why do we display wreaths on our front door?  The modern Christmas custom of displaying a wreath on the front door comes from ancient Rome’s New Year’s celebrations. It’s a good health wish given by the Romans.  They […]

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The Newtown Connecticut Memorial For The Kids And Adults Lost

Christmas trees anonymously donated in memory of the Newtown shooting victims went viral. The image of the Christmas tree memorial was posted to Instagram by the “Today” show, shows a row of 26 holiday trees, one for each person killed at Sandy Hook Elementary.

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Your Gift Giving Style Reveals The Real You

Has anybody ever said, “you always know what to buy me.”  That’s because your gifting style is more revealing than you know.  The following is a list of different ‘gifting’ styles.  See where you fit […]

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Mathematical Formula For The Perfectly Decorated Tree

Would you believe scientists have figured out the formula for a perfectly decorated Christmas tree? They say multiply the height by three to get the amount of lights you will need. There’s more, read on.

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What’s On Your Christmas Tree, Can Say Alot About You

Your Christmas tree has alot of character, it’s all about you! What it can say. The holidays lights, Christmas balls, even the smell can say something.

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It’ On! Federal Hill Vs. Capitol Hill

Who will win? Baltimore’s Federal HIll vs. DC’s Capitol Hill. The Travel Channel wants to know which one is better.

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