Diane Lyn Baltimore

Take A Dip On Maryland's Ice Cream TrailJuly is National Ice Cream Month! The Maryland Ice Cream Trail consists of eight dairy farms across the state that produce and sell ice cream directly to consumer.
Pizza And Your PersonalityEach of us eats pizza a little differently.  Check out how you eat your pizza and what it says about you.
Father's Day Gifts All Week On My ShowMy buds at Candles On Main, have giving me to giveaway to you, an amazing gift bag for dad, filled lots of goodies. Take a peak inside the bag here..
Trip Advisor PicK: Broom's Bloom Dairy Bel AirI am a Harford County girl, lived here all my life! I am so proud of what our county has. Check out the sunflowers, down on the farm and hot spot for ice cream!
Preakness: Buy A Fancy HatIt's that time of the year, when ladies at the track bring their best game....the Preakness Hat game!
Baltimore Favorite: The Lost Strawberry Pie RecipeHaussner's Restaurant closed years ago, but their famous Strawberry Pie lives on. Check out the recipe....
Baltimore Streets Turn Into Pacman GameDid you like Pacman as a kid? Check out how Baltimore streets become the Pacman game!
The Way Kids Do EasterAccording to the National Confectioners Association...
St. Patrick's Day: Guinness Facts And How To PourGuinness, becomes very popular this time of the year.  From toasting to cooking, this Irish stout has its place on March 17.  My husband and I are using a little Guinness in our crock pot for our feast later.  Find out how much Guinness is consumed on this wearing of the green day.  Plus, there is a special way to pour this stout for full enjoyment!&
St. Patrick's Day Shamrock: The Legend And RitualThe history of the clover and a crazy ritual called "drowning the shamrock"...
St. Patrick's Trivia About BaltimoreSee how well you know Baltimore's Irish traditions and trivia.  Here's the first question: Which Baltimore community is named for an Irish town?<!--
Baltimore Voted UglyTravel amd Leisure ranked our Charm City as one the ugliest cities. See where they think we ranked and why is Baltimore not beautiful..