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Look For Yourself At The Komen MD Race For The Cure

Gorgeous day in Hunt Valley for the 2013 Komen MD Race For The Cure. About 30,000 people strutting their stuff, dressed in pink making their way down Shawann Road. Let the Race begin! See the photo gallery and look for yourself!

Today’s 101.9–10/20/2013

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More Ways To Help The People In Oklahoma

I was so moved last night by the pictures, the devastation caused by the tornado in Moore OK. I picked up the phone and called in a donation to help these people. If you want to give here are a few good options:

Today’s 101.9–05/21/2013


What Would You Do For Taylor Swift Tickets

How bad do you want to go? The last pair of Taylor Swift tickets for Saturday’s show, will be given away Friday at…

Today’s 101.9–05/09/2013

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Actors Kevin Spacey And Robin Wright Back In Baltimore For Filming

Be on the look-out for 2 Hollywood A-listers. The series, “House Of Cards” is back and filming today in Baltimore at…

Today’s 101.9–05/01/2013

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A Movie About Rock Legend Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks fans have followed her life since we first heard “Rhiannon”. I thought when I first heard that song on the radio, who was this woman, named Stevie, singing about? A Welsh witch of […]

Today’s 101.9–04/18/2013

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How To Officially Eat The Chocolate Easter bunny

Where do you begin? Most start here….

Today’s 101.9–03/28/2013

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Easter Candy Personality: The Real You

What your favorites say about you….

Today’s 101.9–03/27/2013