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You Can Help The TV Series “House Of Cards”

The TV series shot in Baltimore, “House of Cards” wrapped up shooting for awhile and their focus, helping the victims……

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The Cost Of A Thanksgiving Dinner 2013

How much do you spend on your big dinner? According to the American Farm Bureau this year’s meal will cost the average American…

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What Your Favorite Thankgiving Dishes Say About You

If turkey is your favorite…

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Christmas Music Begins With Santa’s Visit

I am busy, getting ready for Santa’s visit at Today’s Lite FM. He will flip the switch Wednesday….

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Louisiana Assesses Coastline Erosion

Soup Personality

The “soup” you like can reveal the kind of woman you are…

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Hollywood Is In Columbia Today

The Julia Louis Dreyfus series, “VEEP” is back filming…

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Miracle Tie Day For The Kids

Wearing my tie for…..

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A Must Read: “The Unusal Letter To Santa”

A young man from North Carolina writes an unusal letter to Santa, with just one request…help for his sister. Moms and dads, you might want to share this with your kids tonight…click the link to read the letter. It’s pretty powerful.

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Save Money Now On Thanksgiving

Savingadvice.com has come up with 10 ways to save money on your Thanksgiving. Check out this really good advice!

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Is This The Ghost Of Jennie Wade

The sad story of Jennie Wade, the Gettysburg resident who was killed by a stray bullet. She was a young casuality of the Civil War. They say her ghost haunts the house.

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