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“Magic” Reindeer Food

Make your own and read all about the magic!!!

Today’s 101.9–12/04/2013

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The Story Of The Christmas Candy Cane

It’s not just a piece of Christmas candy…..

Today’s 101.9–12/03/2013

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What Will Be The First Christmas Song Tomorrow

So excited, stringing the lights in the studio today, getting for Santa to flip the switch for Christmas music tomorrow! On my show, at noon, what do you think will be the first Christmas song Baltimore will hear?

Today’s 101.9–11/26/2013

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Filming Today In Baltimore For The TV Series VEEP

Julia Louis Dreyfus stars in the TV series, VEEP, catch a glimpse of Hollywood today at…

Today’s 101.9–11/22/2013

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Christmas Music Preview Weekend

You want your Christmas music, you will get it earlier than Wednesday…

Today’s 101.9–11/21/2013

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Pictures Of You From Last Night At Joe’s Crab Shack

Thanks for coming out to Joe’s Crab Shack Abingdon. The seafood and hush puppies were amazing! Click the link below to check out the photo gallery of pics from last night. You might see yourself:) […]

Today’s 101.9–11/20/2013

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You Can Help The TV Series “House Of Cards”

The TV series shot in Baltimore, “House of Cards” wrapped up shooting for awhile and their focus, helping the victims……

Today’s 101.9–11/18/2013

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The Cost Of A Thanksgiving Dinner 2013

How much do you spend on your big dinner? According to the American Farm Bureau this year’s meal will cost the average American…

Today’s 101.9–11/15/2013

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What Your Favorite Thankgiving Dishes Say About You

If turkey is your favorite…

Today’s 101.9–11/14/2013

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Christmas Music Begins With Santa’s Visit

I am busy, getting ready for Santa’s visit at Today’s Lite FM. He will flip the switch Wednesday….

Today’s 101.9–11/13/2013