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Cuban Adventure


Chuck Allen’s Cuban Adventure – Day 10 (Adios Cuba!)

OK…I was bummed out. I admit it. I could have stayed and traveled at least two more weeks. Cuba’s a big place and it could take several weeks to really feel the true flavor of […]



Chuck Allen’s Cuban Adventure – Day 9

Down to the second to last day in Cuba and I’m getting jazzed for potentially the biggest day of the trip. Every day has exceeded expectations. The music, food, history and of course the deep […]



Chuck Allen’s Cuban Adventure – Day 8

The first thing on the agenda before leaving the hotel was a huge fish fry courtesy of Chief Manno.



Chuck Allen’s Cuban Adventure – Day 7

Six of us made reservations the day before at the Marina down the street for a day of deep sea fishing; Hemingway style.



Chuck Allen’s Cuban Adventure – Day 6

No plans in the morning except a long walk on the beach. After lunch at the hotel, we left as a group to explore Trinidad; population about 40,000. I had no expectations after being in […]



Chuck Allen’s Cuban Adventure – Day 5

Breakfast. Thank God they never ran out of fruit. No news there. We were on the road to Santa Clara and the Che Guevara Memorial and then toTrinidada city of 40,000 and a stay at […]



Chuck Allen’s Cuban Adventure – Day 4

Working on my 10th Cuban banana for breakfast. Bananas in Cuba never disappoint. Early departure at 8:30am for a bus trip to a tobacco plantation and a riverboat tour of the caves; (Cueva del Indio) […]



Chuck Allen’s Cuban Adventure – Day 3

God I miss coffee but I’m determined not to drink any water unless it comes from a plastic bottle. Only one of 12 in our group felt a little queasy. They warned us about the […]



Chuck Allen’s Cuban Adventure: Day 2

Sunday morning meant breakfast at the Hotel restaurant. It was the typical Cuban breakfast buffet of fresh fruits, yogurt, eggs, milk, bread, cheese, fruit drinks and coffee plus a lot of other stuff I wasn’t […]



Chuck Allen’s Cuban Adventure: Day 1

I’m no historian. If you have a problem with some of the facts, grammar or spelling, please contact my fourth grade teacher, Miss Brick. She wasn’t especially proud of me then and I’m sure her […]