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Christmas Music


2014 Christmas Music Starts On This Day

Find out when the Christmas music starts here.


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It’s On Now

Now, you can hear your favorite Christmas songs!


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A Few New Christmas Tunes This Year

Find out some new Christmas songs here.


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XMAS Preview Weekend Tomorrow

Christmas songs this weekend.


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2013 Christmas Music Starts On This Date

So, when do the holiday tunes start on Lite FM?? Find out here.


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FAQ When’s Christmas Music Start

Christmas is on everyone’s mind…already. So when does the Christmas music start? We are getting ready.


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Christmas Tomorrow

It’s the most wonderful time of year.  And, it starts tomorrow at 3pm.  Yes, 1019 LIF is Baltimore’s Christmas Music Station beginning at 3pm.  Santa pushes the big red button to switch the format.  I […]


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This Is Why Christmas Music Starts So Early

It’s your mom.  That’s the reason malls…and certain radio stations :)…play Christmas music so early.  77% of mothers say they love Christmas music and they don’t care how early it starts.  In fact, they love […]


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We Share An Award With You

Radio-Info.com did a reader’s poll and the results were pretty cool for Baltimore!!


This Is When Christmas Music Ends

We get so many calls and e-mails asking when the Christmas music will end.  A lot of people think we cut it off at midnight on the 25th.  For years, we’ve kept the Christmas music […]




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