Charlie Sheen

Hollywood Hits: Hugh Jackman Crash Lands On Oprah

Here are your Hollywood Hits…there’s craziness on the set of Oprah’s Australian show…there’s news about Scarlett and Ryan’s split…Charlie Sheen’s a free man.


Is Charlie going or not?!?

So, what’s the deal?  Is Charlie Sheen going to jail or not?  Find out about this, Alanis’ engagement, the new A-Team, and more with the Hollywood Hits.  Click ‘more.’


Charlie Sheen Going To Jail

Charlie Sheen is going to jail. Click MORE to find out why…


Charlie to jail + Bret to Idol?

Your Hollywood Hits is going places today…to jail…even to Idol…possibly. Click ‘more’ to hear about Charlie’s new adventure and much more.


Unbelievable star’s salaries! What Simon makes a minute…and more!

Diane’s Dirt dug up on the salaries for the pro dancers with Dancing with the Stars and Simon’s the minute!  Click MORE to find out: