Charlie Sheen

Hi, I’m Charlie Sheen

We might rename the Hollywood Hits “Charlie’s World.”  Whoa, he is the epicenter of the world.  At least, he thinks so.  We’ve got the wrap up of the last 24 hours in Charlie’s World.  Oh, […]


Hollywood Hits: Hugh Jackman Crash Lands On Oprah

Here are your Hollywood Hits…there’s craziness on the set of Oprah’s Australian show…there’s news about Scarlett and Ryan’s split…Charlie Sheen’s a free man.


Is Charlie going or not?!?

So, what’s the deal?  Is Charlie Sheen going to jail or not?  Find out about this, Alanis’ engagement, the new A-Team, and more with the Hollywood Hits.  Click ‘more.’


Charlie Sheen Going To Jail

Charlie Sheen is going to jail. Click MORE to find out why…


Charlie to jail + Bret to Idol?

Your Hollywood Hits is going places today…to jail…even to Idol…possibly. Click ‘more’ to hear about Charlie’s new adventure and much more.


Unbelievable star’s salaries! What Simon makes a minute…and more!

Diane’s Dirt dug up on the salaries for the pro dancers with Dancing with the Stars and Simon’s the minute!  Click MORE to find out: