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Credit:  Getty Images

Your Cell Phone Use is Contagious

Did you know if some one around you gets a call or checks a text you are likely to check your phone within 10 seconds?



What Does Violinist Lukas Kmit Do When A Cell Phone Interrupts His Performance?

He plays the ringtone! Lukas handled the situation perfectly, don’t you think?



Frog Plays Cell Phone Game!

Check out this cute little frog as he tries to catch virtual insects on a cell phone game!


Chaplin Film May Prove Time Travel

The three above are famous for time travel.  But, a man says an old Charlie Chaplin movie proves time travel is possible.  Click ‘more’ to see “proof.”


Pocket Dialing…it will cost you

Have you ever “pocket dialed” anyone? You know, you sit on your phone and end up calling someone by accident? It happens to all of us, even when we are singing to the Pina Colada […]