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Loudest Cat Purr

That’s not the famous cat above, but I thought it was a cute picture.  But there is a cat that may be up for a world record for the loudest purr.  You have to hear […]


What Happens When You Put a Gorilla and a Kitten Together?

Sticky, sweet, cuteness. Thats what happens.  Click more for video.               


Beware the Standing Cat!

Is this cat evidence of evolution? If so, evolution is LOL funny! Click MORE for the video…


Pet of the week.

Look at her.  She can be yours.  Click “more” to find out how to get her.


Pet of the week

Are you a cat fan?  Now is your chance to get a beautiful black cat with bright yellow eyes.  Click “more” to see Ari and find out more.


Friday Funnies- Feline Edition

Who doesn’t love funny cat videos? We sure do! Click MORE to watch this weeks Feline Funny Friday video!