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We Eat How Much On T-Day

So, do you think you have a little self control at the Thanksgiving dinner table?  Think again.  Most of us have no control.  Want to hear how nutty our stomachs are on Thanksgiving?  Get ready […]


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Three Things That Keep You From Losing Weight

Sure we work out, eat well, and watch our bad habits.  But, there are three things we do everyday that will ensure we never really will lose weight.  Find out what they are so you […]


More Calories Than You Know

Restaurants are loading you up with calories and fat.  The average person is supposed to have 2000 calories a day.  Several restaurants get close to that with just one piece of cake. 


Johnny Depp 140lbs?

Whoa!  He’s already in great shape.  Why in the world would he want to be 140 lbs?  Also, how can your diet help you from depression?


Dining out? Skip the bread.

Easier said than done, right?  Click ‘more’ and find out how many calories are in that bread they give you before your meal when you dine out.  You’ll be shocked.


Bring it on!

There’s a new sandwich that has a creative twist.  A BIG creative twist.  I’m full already.   Check it out.  Click ‘more.’


Nine Worst Dishes You Can Eat

Our friends at CBS News have uncovered the Nine Worst Dishes you can eat at your favorite restaurants. You might be surprised. Click MORE for details…