Burger King

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Fast Food Equals A Lot Of Working Out

Hard core eating means hard core working out.



Mary J. Blige Cries “Fowl,” Blames Burger King For Chicken Controversy

Mary J. Blige has finally released a statement about the Burger King commercial that roused critics who called out the singer and the fast food company for portraying stereotypical images.


Three Things at Three

    The King and Paula Deen in today’s Three Things at Three.  


Sleep Like A Burger King

Sleep on BK Pillow cases. but hold the pickles, hold the lettuce…….


Best Fast Food Chains

Where can you get the best burger, best shake, best coffee.  Zagat has come out with this year’s results.  Click ‘more’ to find out the best in fast food categories.


Mimosas and Brunch!

Sounds fancy doesn’t it.  Click “more” to find out where to get such a great menu.