Broom’s Bloom Farm Harford County

Ice cream Broom's

Trip Advisor PicK: Broom’s Bloom Dairy Bel Air

I am a Harford County girl, lived here all my life! I am so proud of what our county has. Check out the sunflowers, down on the farm and hot spot for ice cream!

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Ice Cream University’s New Flavor Comes From Harford County

A bunch of students from Harford County, participated in event, to come up with a new ice cream flavor. It’s based Cornell University’s Food Science 101 course. So what is the flavor and where can you try it?

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Farm Fresh Ice Cream In A Corn Field

A summer time find in Harford County, Broom’s Bloom.  It’s a dairy farm, homemade ice cream, live entertainment on the weekends, in a cornfield!  So cool (I know ice cream), really….for the entire family.  Check out […]

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